“Bauer sucht Frau” presenter: Inka Bause now broadcasts longer on the radio

Berlin – Nice double promotion for the popular “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter Inka Bause (52): On “Schlager Radio” she now broadcasts at prime time on Saturday mornings instead of Friday evening – and with more broadcast minutes than before.

Broadcaster boss Oliver Dunk (57) to BILD: She has been with us for months with her ‘Inka-Bause-Show’. It is very well received by the listeners. They wanted more from her. That’s why it now transmits four hours instead of two. It starts at ten o’clock. “

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And the Bause? She says to BILD about her show: “I’m happy. The focus is on health, cooking and fitness as well as interviews with artists. Of course, it’s about hits. “

Inka Bause is also successful as a singer and event host. Here with singer Michael Wendler

And who does Inka get into conversation with for the station based in the Berlin district of Wilmersdorf?

Bause: “The guest on my first show next Saturday is among others the Swiss pop singer Beatrice Egli. A week later, Kerstin Ott is the focus of the show. “

“Schlager Radio” boss Oliver Dunk enthuses: “Inka is an absolute stroke of luck for ‘Schlager Radio’. Her personality fits perfectly with the motto of our station ‘Listen to your heart’. She is a great presenter, pop singer and wonderful colleague. When Inka comes, the sun rises in the transmitter. Listeners can look forward to it every Saturday morning. “


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