Bathing habit is right but wrong

Just like washing your face, bathing too much causes a number of skin problems. The more you shower, the more itchy and dry your skin will become.

Bath time is too long

Bathing for too long can easily make the body tired, cause myocardial ischemia, lack of oxygen, and the blood supply to the brain decreases gradually. It is the cause of cardiovascular diseases, even potentially causing a stroke due to cerebral ischemia.

The appropriate bathing time is 20 minutes for a bath and 10 minutes for a shower.

Winter weather is relatively dry, if you bathe too often, it will lose oiliness, make it dry, cracked and easily irritated. For the elderly, it is recommended to bathe once every 5-7 days, for the young, 3-5 days.

Water temperature too high or too low

Water temperatures that are too high or too low can increase the burden on the heart. The temperature of the bath water should only be around 40 degrees Celsius.

Scrubbing too hard

Many people mistakenly think that just cleaning “hate” is clean. But in fact, this layer of “hate” is the dead cells created by daily metabolism and the oil secreted by the body. It protects the body from external damage, while preventing internal nutrients from escaping.

Scrubbing too closely means you are depriving yourself of the ability to protect your own health.

Using too much shower gel

In shower gels often contain lauryl amidopropyl betaine (a cleansing foam), which can stimulate some chemicals to penetrate the skin.

If too much shower gel is used for a long time, the body will absorb the chemicals, combine with calcium and iron and accumulate in the subcutaneous tissues, causing dry skin and atopic dermatitis.

Should choose shower gels without fragrance, simple functions. Just a few drops are enough. If the body is not dirty, just take a shower with water, apply a body moisturizer after drying the body.

The correct bathing sequence should be: Wash your face, wash your body, then wash your hair.

– During the shower, the heat will open up the pores, so washing your face first will prevent dirt from clogging the pores.

– When bathing the whole body, wet hands and feet first, places far from the heart, especially when it is cold, should first use hot water to warm the feet.

When you first enter the bathroom, the blood will mainly concentrate on the head, if you wash your hair right away, it will cause a sudden change in body temperature. It is easy to cause blood vessels to clot, leading to poor blood circulation, causing cerebrovascular diseases.

Some notes when bathing in winter:

Drinking a glass of hot water before taking a bath can help replenish a large amount of water lost due to the dilation of capillaries.

– After bathing, dry the whole body with a dry towel, put on clothes as soon as possible to prevent colds.

– Apply body lotion all over the body after bathing, it has the effect of locking moisture on the skin surface and reducing dryness and itching.

– Do not bathe when you have a fever. When a person’s temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius, the body’s calorie consumption increases by 20%, at this time the person is relatively weak, if taking a bath, it is easy to have an accident.

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