Basketball: Hamburg Towers make the play-offs clear with a ninth win

This time the towers were too tired for a dance of joy. For this they distributed caps with the inscription: “Playoffs Digga”.

After the 80:74 (39:37) against Oldenburg, Hamburg’s basketball players actually made it. After nine wins in a row, six game days before the end of the game, they can no longer take part in the championship round (Top 8).

Trainer Pedro Calles (37): “Yes, I am extremely happy. For the club and for the boys. The play-offs were never the goal. ”Logical, because the Towers almost relegated last season.

In the top game against the fourth they fought until they dropped and also unnerved the best offensive in the league.

Surprising with “Big Man” Johannes Richter, who returned after an 81-day break due to a knee injury. For this, Bryce Taylor and Marvin Ogunsipe signed off.

From the first jump ball it was hectic in Inselpark. Nobody hit the basket for two minutes. Then the Towers pulled away 12-0. The Baskets came again and again thanks to their three-way shooters around basket legend Rickey Paulding (38).

But the towers had an answer to every run. In the second half, playmaker TJ Shorts (22 points) took command. “It could have been anyone else,” the whirlwind downplayed his performance. “Today it was me.”

Spicy: It could also go against Oldenburg in the quarter-finals. Shorts: “If the play-offs started now, we would be ready. But we’re not thinking about it yet. “


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