Bare ownership SCPI, the simplest placement on the market

Here is my favorite investment: bare ownership in SCPI! Quèsaco? Remember that ownership breaks down into two parts: usufruct and bare ownership. Bare ownership translates into owning property. Usufruct through the fact of using a good or of receiving income from it (rents for real estate, dividends for stocks, coupons for bonds, etc.). In this case, it is therefore a question of subscribing to shares in SCPI (civil society for real estate investment) dismembered for a fixed period, usually between 5 and 10 years. It is the simplest placement on the market.

To abandon the usufruct is to renounce rents throughout this period and therefore, it is also to be exempt from any form of tax: no tax on property income, nor on real estate assets, nor on the capital gain… No need for tax envelopes. The performance is “mechanical”. With each passing year, the value of par

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