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Nghe AnEvery day at 3pm, on the sidewalk of Ho Tung Mau Street, Vinh City, a group of 20 young people appeared, displayed tools, received free haircuts for anyone in need.

This is a group of workers at a hair salon owned by Mr. Nguyen Thai Son (29 years old), residing in Vinh City, and has been operating in the sidewalk area near Ho Chi Minh Square for about 10 days.

Free haircut group on Ho Tung Mau street. Photo: Hai Binh

The shop owner said that he was born in a poor family, so he understands the hardships of low-income people. Son started volunteering by hanging a sign for free haircuts for people in difficult circumstances four years ago. Then, he came up with the idea of ​​organizing free mobile haircuts in the city, which was supported by the staff.

“We have free haircuts for patients at some hospitals in the area on weekends, now expanding our operations to help more people in need,” said Mr. Son.

After 8 years of establishment, Son now has two hairdressing establishments with 30 employees. They work at the shop until 3 p.m., then split shifts, some employees stay at the shop, others go to the street to cut for free. On average, each afternoon, this barbershop serves 50-60 customers, mainly the elderly, children and young people who are low-income workers such as motorbike taxis, custodians, and homeless people.

One of the scissors is carefully adjusting the old man's hair.  Photo: Hai Binh

A scissor is straightening the old man’s hair. Photo: Hai Binh

Mr. Pham Van Hoa, 60 years old, from Vinh Tan ward said that when he went to cut his hair, he was enthusiastically served by young people. “When I finished, I offered to send back several thousand remuneration, but they refused to accept it,” he said.

“I was surprised by the work of the group of young people. Although it is small, it is a beautiful image that needs to be spread,” said Ms. Le Thi Trang, 43 years old, a passerby.

“Anyone in need will be served by us. First come, elderly or disabled will be given priority”, Mr. Son said.

“In addition to helping people in need, this is also a way for me to improve my skills,” said an employee of the shop.

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