Bang Bang 30 is not yet Tet: Celebrating before the destination, receiving the results of a pale face

Thursday, December 24, 2020 19:27 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, racing news) Only a short distance from the finish line, but reduce the throttle, raise both hands to celebrate and the driver has to pay the price.

Video of the early celebration and humiliating end:

There is a saying “30 is not Tet” to say, although it is certainly obvious, it can still be changed sometimes. The Brazilian SuperBike race, on December 21, taught driver Andre Verissimo a lesson about humility.

Bang Hoang 30 is not yet Tet: Celebrate before the destination, receive results - 3

The Brazilian driver celebrated early and lost the leg championship

On the final day of the competition, the Verissimo racer was very comfortable because he had accumulated enough points to win the final rankings. Entering the final stage with a determined attitude, Verissimo took the lead, and when he was only a few yards from the finish line he showed a distraction.

Instead of “gas screw”, maximum effort to reach the finish line first, the Brazilian driver raised both hands to the sky to celebrate. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the two rear steering wheel quickly accelerated and reached the front goal “hard master”.

Winning the final season, but Verissimo missed the leg in the hands of Osvaldo J. Filho, a mistake that had to pay dearly.

“If I were him, I would be ashamed to accept the title of the season’s championship,” one tweeted. “It’s ridiculous, he tried right from the start of the race and” hurt himself “with the celebration too soon,” commented another account.

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