Baghdad: Many dead and injured after the explosion in the corona station

In an explosion and a subsequent major fire in the corona ward of a hospital in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, at least 27 people were killed and 46 injured on Sunday night.

This was reported by employees from three hospitals in the area who admitted the injured.

According to media reports, improperly stored oxygen bottles exploded in the department of Ibn al-Khatib hospital, and then a major fire spread in the ward.

Initial reports spoke of ten to 20 dead and at least as many injured in the incident.

Videos published on online networks showed the fire brigade trying to put out the flames in the hospital on the southern edge of the Iraqi capital.

A corona patient rescued from the hospital Photo: THAIER AL-SUDANI / REUTERS

Patients and relatives tried to get out of the building to safety. Iraqi media quoted civil defense reports that 90 of the 120 patients and their relatives were rescued. The authority did not provide specific information on the number of dead and injured.

Iraq is in the middle of a corona wave. The authorities are currently reporting an average of around 8,000 new corona infections per day – the highest value since the beginning of the pandemic.


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