Bad Soden: He fought in vain: mourning for Ilai (2)

Bad Soden – In the end, his seemingly endless power left him: Little Ilai’s brave fight against cancer lasted 19 months. Now he’s lost it.

The boy, who was born in Bad Soden, died in Sao Paulo in the arms of his parents on the New Year at 6 p.m.

In his mother’s Brazilian homeland, Kethelyn (24), he was treated for the insidious nerve cancer neuroblastoma.

Successful at first. But in March the therapy had to be interrupted for two months due to Corona. The doctors saw the risk from the virus as even greater than the risk from the cancer.

Treatment continued in May, but the cancer returned.

Thousands donated for Ilai’s healing

Ilai struggled. In the autumn he felt better and hope grew again. Also because thousands take part in his fate, donate almost half a million euros for antibody immunotherapy in Barcelona and New York. BILD readers were also generous, giving more than 50,000 euros. And BILD helps e. V. donated “A Heart for Children”. This money should now give other sick children a chance at life.

No matter what he had to go through: Ilai was a bright, happy child

Photo: private

The setback at Christmas. The tumor had grown significantly. The doctors gave up on Ilai.

His parents Kethelyn and Pascal Guth (39): “We accept the pain, because our son is worth it that we feel it for him.”

Ilai will find his final resting place in Glashütten im Taunus, his father’s hometown.


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