Bad boy tennis lost at Roland Garros to break the computer, locked for half a million USD

Friday, June 4, 2021 16:01 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, tennis news) Tennis player Bernad Tomic acted without restraint after returning from Roland Garros 2021.

Tomic’s computer breaking situation video

Once ranked 17th in the world, however, Bernad Tomic has lost his form because of ridiculous games both on and off the field. Currently, the Australian “bad boy” is outside the top 200 in the world and often has to attend the Grand Slam preliminary rounds.

Tomic caused his girlfriend economic loss after his smashing

But even in the preliminary round, the 28-year-old tennis player was immediately eliminated. On May 24, Tomic was defeated by the 16-year-old tennis player ranked 1034 in the world, Arthur Fils. Losing to the 821-ranked player in the first qualifying round of Roland Garros, Tomic was very frustrated but had to suppress his emotions.

When the tension was not released on the court, perhaps the 28-year-old tennis player was “angry at the chopping board” to have a smashing action at his home. Tomic is currently living with the “hot” model, Vanessa Sierra and recently this girl posted a clip of her angry boyfriend breaking the computer.

“The tennis player’s ego is so big that it shouldn’t be touched. The damage is $16,000 and now half a million dollars is also locked. I’ll give $100 to the first person who can see what happened,” the model said. Sierra writes full of hidden meanings about Tomic breaking the computer.

In the video, Tomic can be seen rushing to Sierra when he realizes she is filming him. The 26-year-old said Tomic had never assaulted her. “I have to say that he never assaulted me. I was very upset with him for not caring when I was hospitalized. The escalating argument caused him to destroy my work tools,” the person said. beautiful accused Tomic of breaking her “earn food”.

Earlier, rumors of the couple broke up when Sierra herself posted misleading words to 420,000 followers when posting a “broken” heart symbol. But this is just an act of creating a scandal to attract the audience.



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