Baby elephant dead after poaching mutilation

Unfortunately, the help came too late.

In the Indonesian province of Aceh, a rare baby Sumatran elephant has died after losing half its trunk in a trap set up by poachers. The local nature conservation authority announced on Tuesday.

What happened? The baby elephant stepped into a snare trap near the forest village of Alue Meuraksa on the island of Sumatra, which is used by poachers to catch their conspecifics and kill them for their ivory. The trap was in the severed trunk. Rescuers found the animal on Monday and were able to rescue it after it was abandoned by its own herd.

One can only guess what kind of pain the poor animal must have hadPhoto: Munandar / AP

The approximately one year old elephant girl came to a care station for animals, where her trunk was amputated. But a spreading infection could not be stopped, because the young animal died, said Agus Riyanto from the authority. It was apparently injured for a long time.


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