Baby cut from belly – mother and child dead

How can a person do such a hideous thing?

Reagan Hancock was only 22 and eight months pregnant when the crime happened in New Boston, USA last Friday. Even worse: it would have been their second child. Reagan already had a three-year-old daughter whose mother was now so brutally torn from her.

The second girl should have seen the light of day on November 10th. The double mum posted ultrasound images of the baby on her, full of anticipation Facebook account and wrote “Sweet Babygirl” – she wanted to name her second daughter Braxlynn Sage.

The perpetrator – an acquaintance or acquaintance! At least that’s what Reagan’s mother says. She found her dead daughter and, according to the New York Post, wrote: “Our beautiful daughter Reagan Hancock and her precious, unborn baby girl Braxlynn were killed by an incarnate Satan.”

A woman was arrested for kidnapping and murdering an unborn child while she was taking the fetus to a hospital. Whether she actually committed the crime must now be determined.


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