Babies shared diaphragms and livers: conjoined twins now separated

Philly – Do you know: Mom, Dad and their two children. But this photo is anything but normal. It’s a miracle.

Addison and Lilianna Altobelli (14 months) were born on November 18, 2020 as conjoined twins – connected at the belly. The girls shared a diaphragm and a liver.

Shortly before the operation: Parents Dom and Maggie Altobelli with their Siamese twins Addy and LillyPhoto: The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

On October 13, 2021, doctors in Philadelphia (USA) were able to successfully separate the two in a 10-hour operation. Now they could finally go home.

Experts had initially thought that it was not possible for the siblings to separate because they had only seen one heart. But it soon became clear that both babies have their own hearts.

In a heartbreaking video, the twins’ parents, Dom and Maggie Altobelli, expressed their gratitude: “There is so much good in the world and this experience is something Maggie and I are really grateful for. We were allowed to experience the best and the good in the world.”


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