Automotive: unprecedented alliance between industry and NGOs to demand charging stations

Posted on Feb 11, 2019 2021 at 6:45Updated 11 Feb. 2021 at 8:42

For once, car manufacturers and NGOs have decided to join forces. The Acea (Association of European Automobile Manufacturers), T & E (Transport & Environment, which brings together environmental NGOs) and BEUC (which defends consumers in Brussels) are all three signatories of a letter addressed to the European Commissioners concerned (Green Deal, Transport, Internal Market, Energy) to demand the establishment of new binding standards. Not, this time, to limit polluting emissions from vehicles, but to encourage States to set up charging stations for electric vehicles.

In this letter, which must be sent this Thursday and of which “Les Echos” have obtained a copy, the three organizations propose a target of 3 million terminals in 2029 (and 1,000 hydrogen stations), with a stage point of 1 million terminals in 2024. They suggest imposing objectives by country (for example, for France, 206,000 in 2024 and 552,000 in 2029), in the form of a regulation rather than a directive, to accelerate the transition.

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