Automotive: recovery is long overdue on the French market

The automotive market has not yet recovered from Covid. Only 141,041 registrations of private vehicles were recorded in May, according to the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers (CCFA).

This is 27.28% lower than the level reached by the automotive market in May 2019, before the pandemic. Over the first five months of the year, registrations recorded between January and May 2021 amount to 723,258 for passenger cars, 22.69% below their 2019 level.

Compared to May 2020, however, new car registrations increased by 46.45%, according to the CCFA. Over the first five months of the year, the market thus posted an increase of 50.06% compared to the period January-May 2020 – that of the first confinement. “The market is still recovering and individuals are still reluctant to resume their purchases of new vehicles, preferring the second-hand”, notes the CCFA on its website.

Rise of hybrids and electrics

The Stellantis group, born from the union of PSA and Fiat Chrysler, sold in May 2021 nearly 44,000 new vehicles – or 39.84% less than in May 2019. Sales of the Renault group, which also includes the Dacia and Alpine brands, for their part, fell by 27.78% compared to their pre-pandemic level, to 36,000 units. Compared with May 2020, these variations are respectively + 42.3% and + 45.57%.

The CCFA further notes that electric and hybrid vehicles “continue to climb”, while sales of diesel vehicles are at a low point compared to their 2019 level. Hybrids (including plug-in hybrids) now represent 26% of sales. sales of new cars with 36,221 registrations, against 22% for diesel.

Electric cars continued their breakthrough and maintained an 8% market share in May, with 11,562 registrations.

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