Automotive: end-of-year rush for the sale of electric vehicles

Posted on Dec. 2020 at 7:15Updated Dec 18. 2020 at 10:02

In car dealerships, it’s the rush before December 31: there are only a few days left for manufacturers to ensure that they will meet the CO2 emissions reduction targets that Brussels has set them for 2020. Reaching the target supposes selling a certain number of 100% electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, and to achieve this certain brands are pushing ahead, even going so far as to artificially inflate registrations.

Since January 1, CO2 emissions from new cars sold in Europe must not exceed an average ceiling set at 95 grams per kilometer traveled. The calculation is made for each group on all vehicles sold in Europe, with adjustments according to the weight of the vehicles. If exceeded, the penalties can quickly reach hundreds of millions of euros: for each gram above the target, the manufacturer will have to pay a fine of 95 euros… multiplied by the number of cars sold in Europe.

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