Automobile: the French market is sinking into the crisis

Posted Feb 1 2022 at 10:19Updated Feb 1. 2022 at 12:11

The year 2022 started, unsurprisingly, in the red. New car registrations in France fell by 18.6% over one year in January, according to data published Monday by the Automotive Platform (PFA), in a market penalized for many months by shortages of electronic components. Some 102,899 private vehicles were put into circulation in France last month, compared to 126,380 in January 2021, despite one more working day.

In detail, the most significant decline was recorded within the Renault group, which saw the number of registrations fall by 23.4% on an annual basis. The Dacia brand, which performed very well globally in 2021, was particularly affected, with a decline of 34.5% compared to January 2021. Stellantis did little better, with an overall decline of 18 .5%, Peugeot (-21.5%) and Fiat (-23.5%) arriving at the back of the pack. The other manufacturers present on the territory saw their registrations drop by 15.7%.

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