Autobahn A29: Police stop wrong-way driver after 23 kilometers with five patrol cars

Unbelievable that this odyssey ended lightly and without injuries…

The A29 near Rastede (Ammerland district, Lower Saxony): A wrong-way driver caused a large-scale police operation there on Saturday night. She drove her small car on the wrong side and ignored the police – 23 kilometers!

As the Oldenburg police announced, the officers initially drove with blue lights and sirens on the oncoming lane parallel to the 39-year-old’s car to warn other road users and to contact the woman. However, she is said not to have reacted and finally turned in front of a police barrier.

The woman then drove her small red Toyota car into a patrol car in front of her. According to witness reports, her car had to be braked and finally pressed against the crash barrier so that she could no longer continue the odyssey. According to the information, a total of five police vehicles were used.

It was initially unclear why the woman got on the wrong track. The result of a blood test was still pending on Saturday morning – according to observers of the incident, strong medication could have played a role.

Investigations were initiated into endangering road traffic, and the woman had to give up her driver’s license.


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