‘Authorities will be punished if they do not help abused children’ – VnExpress Life

Journalist Pham Gia Hien:

Recently, an expert from Call Center 111 gave an analysis of the signs of physical and mental abuse against children. Mr. Dang Hoa Nam is an expert, so he knows it very well. But our problem is how to make parents fundamentally aware of this problem?

Personally, I am an intellectual, I also partially understand the forms of child abuse, but there is some information about the methods of child abuse that Ms. Quyen gave that is startling, such as unfair treatment. considered violence. But for the authorities, protecting legitimate rights and interests like the Department of Children, how have we deployed to deal with cases of violence against children?

Mr. Dang Hoa Nam:

It is a fact that we must accept that the people who abuse and abuse children the most are the parents or the person who is directly responsible for taking care of and being close to the child on a daily basis. Not only Vietnam but also countries around the world. The statistics show this problem.

Most parents want their children to be progressive, obedient and talented, but do not think that in order for their children to have a harmonious development, parents themselves must learn how to be parents. We can give birth to children, but not everyone knows how to be a parent. On the social networking site, many parents, after participating in clubs, classes or reading parenting books, jokingly say to each other that “God gives us great products, which are children, but most of them are children. Parents do not read the user manual carefully.

Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we even spoil the wonderful God-given product. Many times we think that we have to beat the cane, face the wall, copy many pages, scold, hurt the child to understand the parent’s teachings. But that is completely wrong.

Over the years, many organizations, unions, media and individuals have tried their best to promote positive parenting knowledge and skills. Through seminars, many parents say that if they don’t discipline or scold their children, how can they teach them? There are other methods called positive discipline, discipline without tears. In order to have positive discipline, discipline without tears, but still develop harmoniously and comprehensively, in addition to accessing knowledge, there are two very important principles. Firstly, we have to be patient and spend time with our children. Second, we learn day by day, not only in theory but also in practice.

Decree 130/2021/ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of protection, social assistance and children stipulates all acts of harm to children such as threats, insults, punishments, isolation, banishment… are administratively handled. The level of handling is quite heavy from 10-20 million VND, in addition, other additional measures are taken.

Thus, state management agencies have legal tools to handle all acts that cause harm to children. The media is now also a tool to communicate more about the law and parenting skills. We are also eager to learn, read a lot, follow many schools of child education, but the emphasis is on practice because each child is a living being, we have to be close to our children every day to understand it. There must be respect and equality between parents and children. Parents who are friends with their children are able to accompany their children and avoid educating their children with punitive, violent, and abusive methods.


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