Austria: Decayed body discovered in the Tyrolean Alps – is it Rida Zoundri?

He was planning a tour to the Nordkette, wanted to hike the mountains north of Innsbruck, when he suddenly disappeared. About a year later, almost to the month, the missing person case around Rida Zoundri (19) could be solved …

Innsbruck (Austria) – About a week ago, hikers saw a tent in the Martinswand area between the municipality of Zirl and Innsbruck. When they looked inside, they made a horrifying discovery: Inside was a completely decomposed corpse. emergency call!

According to the investigators’ initial knowledge, the decomposed dead man is so skeletal that the police assume that he must have been lying in the tent for a long time before he was discovered.

The Austrian agency APA reports that it is still completely unclear who the dead person is, despite the autopsy that was carried out immediately.

After securing evidence, the body was recovered by police helicopter on Friday (April 22).Photo: picture alliance / ZEITUNGSFOTO.AT / APA /

Could the dead man be Dutchman Rida Zoundri?

Possible! As “” reports, the 19-year-old traveler is said to have told a waiter in Innsbruck that he was planning to travel to the Nordkette.

The Martinswand, where the dead man was discovered and recovered last week, forms the southwestern end of the Hechenberg in the Nordkette. This is exactly where the trail to the 19-year-old is lost.

After stopping in Innsbruck in May 2021, Dutchman Rida Zoundri disappeared without a trace

After stopping in Innsbruck in May 2021, Dutchman Rida Zoundri disappeared without a tracePhoto: Police Tyrol

Despite intensive searches by his relatives as well as the police and mountain rescuers, Zoundri remained missing.

Until now? As reported by APA, the police are now trying to compare the dead man’s DNA with the DNA of missing persons in order to clarify as quickly as possible who the unknown dead man in the tent is.


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