Australia: Ten year old boy survives shark attack

Jackson Bartlett got lucky again. The 10-year-old boy from Sydney was snorkeling with his father at Five Finger Reef in northwest Australia when a bronze shark suddenly attacked him – but Jackson survived.

“At first I thought it was a manatee, but then it came closer and tried to bite me,” Jackson told Australian

In the first attack, the shark still misses Jackson, in the second it bites off his flippers and starts the third attack: the predator sinks its sharp teeth into Jackson’s foot twice, then suddenly lets go of the boy.

According to little Jackson, the bronze shark was six feet tallPhoto: imago images / Design Pics

He bites him twice in the foot and leaves this nasty wound

He bites him twice in the foot and leaves this nasty woundPhoto: private

Jackson in the hospital with his father

Jackson in the hospital with his fatherPhoto: private

“I was bleeding and at the moment I thought I was going to die because it was so scary,” says Jackson.

But the boy is lucky: it just so happens that doctors are on vacation on the beach, watching the attack, pulling him out of the water and treating him on the beach. He is then taken to a children’s hospital in Perth on a rescue plane.

He will probably remain a scar from the shark attack. But the incident doesn’t dissuade Jackson from his love for the ocean: “I’ll probably swim in the pool first. But then I want to venture into the shallow water on the beach and then go surfing again, ”he told


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