Audiobooks to help you develop yourself

Many audio tracks of world-famous books such as “Dac Nhan Tam”, “Think Rich and Get Rich”… are “available on the shelves” of Shop VnExpress.

As technology develops and changes the world, the reading culture also changes. Audio books – books with content converted to audio through human voices – were born to bring users a lot of convenience. The first is to save time, can “read” when exercising, cooking, or moving. Audiobooks also help protect eyes, reducing the rate of myopia compared to reading e-books or on paper. With just a phone or USB audio book and headphones, you can “read” audiobooks wherever you are, at any time.

Many studies show that listening to audio books regularly will help stimulate the brain to think and promote the interaction between the nervous systems. Listening to audio books can also develop thinking and emotions just like reading a paper book.

Audiobooks are a reading trend in the technology era. Photo: Shutterstock.

Here are some self-development audiobooks that are being heard by many people on Shop VnExpress.

Dale Carnegie’s “Getting People’s Heart” is a book that has influenced and changed the lives of millions of people around the world, has been translated into almost every language in the world and is present in hundreds of countries. This is a self-help book that has continuously ranked at the top of the bestseller list voted by The New York Times for 10 years in a row. “Taking people’s hearts” is the art of winning people’s hearts, acquired by understanding yourself, being honest with yourself, understanding and caring for those around you to see out and evoke hidden potentials in the world. them, helping them grow to new heights. The book “Dac Nhan Tam” is being discounted 10% to 55,000 VND.

“Think Rich Get Rich” is one of the best-selling books of all time, with more than 60 million copies in circulation, translated into almost every language in the world. Author Napoleon Hill is hailed as “the creator of millionaires”. To write this book, Napoleon Hill spent nearly thirty years interviewing more than 500 of the most famous and successful people in various fields, along with a number of failed entrepreneurs. The book outlines the philosophy of success, provides a method for creating a sense of success, and provides a rough and detailed plan for achieving it. With the secret to success “it all comes down to the way you think”, this book can change not only the way you think, but also the way you think; shows you what you must do and how to achieve your aspirations. The book “Think Rich Get Rich” is being reduced by 11% to 59,000 VND.

The book “Successful Communicators” by Shirley Taylor and Alison Lester provides skills for successful communication, practical tools to help you improve your presentation, understand what others say, and increase your self-confidence. trust, improve teamwork, increase work productivity, create a happy working environment and make people support each other more actively. Excellent communication skills are one of the most important professional and personal skills every person should have. Communication skills will determine your success or failure in your career as well as in your personal relationships. This book is your starting point on your journey to improving your communication skills. The audiobook “Being good at communicating, easy to succeed” is being discounted 10% to 58,000 VND.

“I want to be a leader” is a book by author Pham Duy Hieu, who was once known as the youngest CEO in a Vietnamese bank at the age of 34. He has held many senior management and leadership positions at banks and financial institutions. The book brings readers to situations that leaders face and shares how the author has responded. This book brings together 50 of the best, most practical questions that many people have asked the author, and then answered by him. Some are entrepreneurs, some are working for large organizations, some are students in classes trained by the author, some are employees of the author. Many responses were then shared widely and received a positive response in the community. The book “I want to be a leader” is being discounted 10% to 89,000 VND.

“The Management Handbook” is a book on management by Linda A. Hill, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. The book contains insights for young managers and veteran managers alike, and is an invaluable source of information for leaders in managing managers. The book provides an overview of the process of learning and growing to become an excellent manager from challenges, confusion, mistakes to success. The audiobook “Management Handbook” is being discounted 10% to 85,000 VND.

“Immortal Life” by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry is a new discovery about the creator and another world. Paul Perry is a journalist, documentary producer, and a member of the Gannett Center for Media Studies at the University of Oregon. Jeffrey R. Long is a medical doctor who founded the Near-Death Experience Research Facility, which studied the near-death experiences of 3,000 witnesses from different life backgrounds, religions, traditions; including those who believe in spirituality and those who do not believe in spirituality. The book not only records in detail about God, heaven, revelation, judgment and hell… told directly from those who stood at the “door of death” but also gathers scientific evidences. , specifically about the spiritual world for those interested in this topic. The book “Immortal Life” is being discounted 10% to 53,000 VND.

When buying the aforementioned books at Shop VnExpress, the buyer will be given a code to listen to the book at VoizFM. In addition to the above 6 books, there are many other audio books at Shop VnExpress to help you improve your knowledge and develop yourself. More detail here.

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