Auctioned for 1.5 million dollars: The (almost) most expensive sneakers in the world!

A sneaker lover has reached deep into his pocket here …

A worn pair of sneakers by basketball legend Michael Jordan (58) was auctioned in Las Vegas for 1.47 million dollars (about 1.26 million euros).

The auction house Sotheby’s announced on Sunday that the buyer was Nick Fiorella. He is a well-known in the scene owner of sports trading cards valued in the millions. Now he also owns the oldest “Nike Air Ships” shoes sold to date, which Jordan wore at a game in his first season in the US NBA league. The red and white kicks were previously owned by a former Denver Nuggets ball boy, to whom they were once given.

A huge hype has arisen in recent years around sneakers, mostly worn or marketed by rappers or athletes.

It was not until May that “Air Jordan 1s”, also worn by Michael Jordan, were auctioned for almost 130,000 euros. He wore it in his rookie season (1st season in the American professional league NBA). The traditional auction house “Sotheby’s” simply called these sneakers the “Holy Grahl”.

In April, a pair of sneakers worn by US rapper Kanye West at the 2008 Grammy Awards sold for $ 1.8 million – the highest price ever achieved for a pair of sneakers, according to Sotheby’s.

The black leather shoes in sizes 45-46 were made exclusively for West’s appearance and marked the start of his own shoe line.

These fake “Nike Air Jordan 1S” were auctioned in May 2020 for 560,000 dollarsPhoto: dpa

In addition, exceptional trainers at auctions have recently made headlines again and again with high prices. Last year, for example, a pair of white trainers that a co-founder of the sporting goods company Nike had handcrafted around 50 years ago was auctioned for $ 162,500. Shortly before, a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers had brought in $ 560,000.

At almost $ 1.5 million, they are currently auctioned “Nike Air Ships” are actually not the most expensive. Because: Rapper Drake owns the most expensive luxury shoe in the world! His 24 carat (!) Gold-plated “Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan” is worth two million dollars.

This unique piece is made of 24 carat gold!  The

This unique piece is made of 24 carat gold! The “Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan”Photo: Msenna & Co.


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