Attendorn (NRW): Children were injected with the wrong corona vaccine

Serious mistake in a vaccination center in North Rhine-Westphalia!

In the city of Attendorn (Olpe district) several children were injected with the Moderna vaccine on Sunday – although only the Biontech vaccine is approved for children.

“The parents of the children concerned were immediately informed of the incident,” said the district.

The children who received Moderna had no abnormalities when they left the vaccination center. At the request of the parents, the incident was reported to the police.

The mistake had been noticed by the vaccinating medical assistant, it was said. How many children are involved was not disclosed.

The vaccination center took the failure of the specialist staff as an opportunity to re-examine all procedures and child vaccinations. “If further cases are found, the parents will be informed,” it said.

Moderna’s vaccine has so far been approved in the EU for people aged twelve and over. However, the Standing Vaccination Commission recommends that people under 30 only be vaccinated with Biontech products.

The children should only receive a third of the adult dose of the Biontech vaccine and two doses every three weeks.


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