Attack on vigil in Hamburg: They shouted “Shit Jews” and hit


Hamburg – Brutal hatred of Jews on the street, in the middle of Hamburg. But growing, violent anti-Semitism is not an issue in the election campaign.

The fact: For more than six years, activists have regularly held a vigil near Hamburg Central Station, show solidarity with Israel – against anti-Semitism, for peaceful coexistence.

But last weekend, four young people showed up and insulted the participants.

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A few moments before the crime, the group from the Israel vigil posed for a photo together near Hamburg Central Station: Victim Michael T. (60, name changed, third from the left) happily waves an Israel flag. To his left: his mother Agatha T. (79, name changed), who later held her son, seriously injured, in her arms. Vigil initiator Andreas M. (64, right) filmed the perpetrators as they escaped

Photo: private

Michael T. (60, name changed) is a Jew himself. In BILD he says: “They shouted ‘Free Palestine’, ‘Shit Jews’ and ‘I’ll fuck your mother’.” When T. confronted one of the young men, “his brother probably ran up to me and immediately hit him Fist in the face. I was covered in blood in the arms of my mother, who had rushed to help. ”The perpetrators laugh.

Teaser picture

After the attack, Michael T. is seriously injured and driven to a clinic on a stretcher

Photo: private

T.’s mother, who was also there, reports: “He was lying there with a bleeding face. I thought his eye was torn. There were splinters of his glasses on his face. His cheekbone now needs to be surgically filled. It’s the worst that can happen to a mother to see something like that. “

T. comes to the hospital with a broken nose and cheekbones. OP! He says: “The retina of the eye could also peel off.”

Teaser picture

Michael T. is in a clinic with a broken nose and cheekbones. His jaw was also affected, and the retina of his left eye is threatening to peel off

Photo: private

Andreas M. (64) is the initiator of the vigil. He says: “Anti-Semitism no longer only comes from the left or the right. He is increasingly coming from the Muslim side, we notice that again and again. “

Now the state security is investigating, looking for the bat, who is said to be between 18 and 25 years old, about 1.75 m tall, of “southern” appearance.

Teaser picture

Andreas M. has been organizing the Israel vigil near the main train station for six years

Photo: Thomas Knoop

The fact is: The recent attack on a synagogue in Hagen and the hateful riots during the Middle East conflict in May also show that Muslim anti-Semitism is a problem.

But the chancellor candidates are having a hard time dealing with the issue.

And that despite the fact that they regularly assert in the election campaign that they want to do everything against anti-Semitism. Armin Laschet (60, CDU) wants to pursue a “zero tolerance” policy against Islamism, continue to deport those who threaten and ban unconstitutional associations.

And Olaf Scholz (63, SPD)? After the failed attack in Hagen, he said that it was “our duty” to do “everything to protect” Jews.

In their election manifesto, the Greens speak out in favor of “strengthening and security for Jews in Germany”, while Chancellor candidate Baerbock wants to guard threats around the clock.

But HOW should one counteract the hatred of Jews among migrants if it is not even clearly stated?

The Islam expert Ahmad Mansour told BILD: “The top candidates are pursuing the worst election campaign strategy on some issues: They are dead silent about the problems and ignore them. If you don’t develop concepts for everyday life, the situation for Jews in Germany will not improve. “


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