Attack on A100 in Berlin: assassin in court for attempted murder

On August 18, 2020, Sarmad A. (30) targeted motorcycles and cars on Berlin’s A100 city motorway, injuring six people.

Berlin – Murderous Terrorist or Mentally Ill? A refugee from Iraq hunted bikers in Berlin with his car. He raced three times on the city freeway insidiously from behind. The public prosecutor is convinced that he wanted to murder “unbelievers”.

Sarmad A. (30), born in Baghdad, has lived in Germany since 2016. His asylum application was rejected. In August 2018 there was a bodily harm in the home for refugees, A. also threatened the police, then he rolled out his prayer rug.

The verdict: psychiatry instead of jail (“occasionally incapable of guilt”). In 2020 he was free again. He posed on the Internet with his Opel Astra and also wrote “Martyrs” in Arabic.

Sarmad A. raced across the autobahn in this Opel

Photo: Olaf Wagner

Ride amok on August 18, 2020

► The hunt in August 2020 began at 6:35 p.m. on the Bundesautobahn 100 at the Dreieck radio tower in the west of Berlin. 80 km / h is allowed there, his Opel Astra was driving over 100 when he touched the first car and brushed a second. He skidded a van, cut and touched a fourth car.

► Then he rammed the first biker from behind at 130 km / h (Detmolder Straße exit), he was seriously injured: resuscitation, intensive care unit, coma.

Profiler analyzes impact drivers Where is the line between amok and terror?

Teaser picture

Source: BILD


► The second biker was also rammed from behind (Sachensdamm exit), he was also seriously injured.

► Sarmad A. rammed the third biker with up to 150 km / h from behind (exit Albionstraße). Like the other two bikers, he was seriously injured. A fifth car was totaled by the motorcycle, the occupants (including a child) injured. The motorcycle got stuck in the attacker’s grille.

Teaser picture

One of the motorcycles he targeted got stuck in the front of Sarmad A.’s car

Photo: Olaf Wagner

Sarmad A. got out and shouted: “Allahu akbar.” He showed the raised index finger of his right hand, the so-called tawheed finger – a controversial gesture that originally comes from classical Islam, but also serves as a symbol of ISIS. He called himself “Mujahideen”. A. said: “You will all die” and put an olive green ammunition box on the roof of his car. Then he declared “war” and unrolled the carpet – he knelt and began to pray. When he was finally overwhelmed, he called himself “Soldier of God”.

God’s delusion

According to the indictment, he is said to have felt guided by a divinely sent “angel of death” who “ruthlessly kills unbelievers for their wrongdoings with the sword”.

We are talking about “relapsing paranoid schizophrenia”.

Teaser picture

The biker was seriously injured, as were two other motorcyclists

Photo: Olaf Wagner

In court

The amok driver sits in the dock all in black. He will not comment at first, says his lawyer. He was sorry for what happened. He was “glad” that no one was killed. He is sick, not a terrorist. Nothing was planned. He never said he wanted to kill unbelievers …

He is accused of three attempted murders. The security process is intended to sentence him to lock up in a psychiatric hospital because he is dangerous to the public and would do it again at any time.

Another 28 process days are planned. The verdict is due to be pronounced on September 23.


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