Attack in Waldkraiburg: Pensioner (79) from Brand-Haus died

Munich – Turnaround in the terror process against the Waldkraiburg assassin Muharrem D. (26): From 31-fold attempted murder, there could now be charges of murder in the room.

In April 2020, the retail salesman with Turkish descent attacked several shops of Turkish-born operators. D. carried out an arson attack in a fruit shop: 26 residents of the apartment building had to be rescued during a large-scale operation.

Resident Rita S. (79) died ten months after the crime – an expert should clarify the possible connection

The greengrocer’s in downtown Waldkraiburg burned down completely in April 2020 after the attack. 26 residents from the house had to be rescued

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Including pensioner Rita S. († 79). The emergency services took them with a turntable ladder from the apartment on the first floor. The elderly woman has now passed away around ten months later. In the terror process, a court expert is now to clarify whether her death is related to the consequences of the attack.

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Muharrem D. (26) has Turkish roots himself and has carried out attacks on businesses owned by Turkish-born owners


Muharrem D. faces life imprisonment for murder

The defense lawyers of Muharrem D., Christian Gerber and Matthias Bohn, stated: “We do not assume a causal connection. The fire brigade had declared in the process that the apartments were almost smoke-free. “

Should the expert come to a different conclusion, D. threatens to be sentenced to life imprisonment. He was caught with pipe bombs and several kilos of explosives in May and had apparently planned attacks on mosques.


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