At the taxi price, from 2025: With the electric jet from Nuremberg to Munich


Nuremberg – Do we see the future of air travel here?

The electric air taxis from the Munich start-up “Lilium” will initially operate between Munich and Nuremberg and later also between Cologne and Düsseldorf from 2025 (top speed of 280 km / h, range 250 kilometers). “After that, the expansion of a network to other cities is planned,” says spokesman Rainer Ohler.

Visualization of a take-off and landing site at the Albrecht Dürer Airport in Nuremberg

Photo: Lilium GmbH

▶ ︎The advantage: Because the electric jets take off and land vertically, no major construction work is required: “Our Vertiports are basically helicopter landing pads with one entrance.”

Flying at the train ticket price

The flight ticket should cost as much as a train ticket for a shorter journey. “In the beginning we will still be on the taxi price,” says Ohler. That would be around 300 euros for Nuremberg-Munich. “Later with the ICE price”. That is around 50 euros.

Autonomous flying Are we going to get on an air taxi soon?

Teaser picture



Airport boss Michael Hupe sees good prospects for the small electric aircraft: “The ground-based transport systems around Nuremberg are heavily loaded. This results in enormous potential. ” State Chancellery boss Florian Herrmann (49) even speaks of a “fascinating approach” for the mobility of the future.

Greens parliamentary deputy Marc Schüller (57) also sees “the development of the airport as positive:“ The quiet Lilium aircraft have a good CO2 balance. If there are soon batteries without Licium, that will be a big step towards climate neutrality. ”


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