At the Palace of the Royals – London police shoot bank robbers

London (England) – Wild shooting on Saturday in London’s posh Kensington district.

In the afternoon, police officers caught an escaping bank robber at the intersection of Kensington Road and Palace Gate. Apparently, the armed gangster first opened fire on the officers, who then shot back – and killed him.

The dramatic scene took place just a few hundred meters away from Kensington Palace, which is currently home to Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (39) with their three children (8, 6 and 3 years old)!

The “Kensington Palace” in London, one of the seats of the British royal family. At the palace there is also a memorial statue for Princess Diana († 36) who died in 1997.Photo: picture alliance / Heritage-Images

Around 20 minutes earlier, the gangster, whose identity is still unclear, is said to have robbed a bank and a bookmaker on Marloes Road. He got into a car with his prey and accelerated. Shortly thereafter, the alerted Metropolitan Police patrol cars stopped the suspicious vehicle.

According to the British Daily Mail passers-by are said to have heard violent popping noises. The alleged bank robber suffered fatal gunshot wounds during the exchange of fire.

It is not known whether a member of the royal family was in the palace at the time of the shooting.


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