At the Annecy Festival, the Ukrainians do not give up

Blue eyes and yellow dress, Anastasiya Verlinska, director of the kyiv animation film festival, Linoleum, does not show anything but her head is elsewhere. A member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Annecy International Animation Film Market (Mifa), the young woman would prefer to be in her country to help her family. “But I have to keep working to stay sane and not go crazy, she explains. And one of my tasks is to continue to talk about the situation in my country so that this war does not become commonplace. »

Animation cinema is not at all futile or useless, according to her, in these difficult times. “Ukrainians need entertainment, especially children. We therefore organize screenings in the underground shelters, as well as workshops to introduce them to animation techniques. This allows them to think about something other than war or talk about it through artistic expression. »

Passionate, Anastasiya Verlinska describes the animation landscape of her country as a dynamic sector driven by video games, the production of special effects and commissioned films. “Since the Maidan revolution in 2014, short films have multiplied because Ukrainians feel the need to tell their own stories. » One of these movies Deep Loveby Mykyta Lyskov, a grating portrait of his city, Dnipro, today under Russian fire, was selected for Annecy in 2019.

His way of helping his country is to support Ukrainian animators by donating broadcasting rights to them, part of which they donate to associations helping children or the war effort. The delegation also seeks to develop international collaborations in terms of co-production or sub-contracting. Their symbol: a dove falling from the blue sky onto yellow ground…


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