At Stuttgart Airport: Project for fully automated parking | Regional

Stuttgart – Will cars at Stuttgart Airport soon be rolling through the parking garage fully automatically to the parking space without any human supervision?

The technology group Bosch, the car manufacturer Daimler and the parking garage operator Apcoa are presenting corresponding plans in Stuttgart. Thanks to specially built technology in very specific ultra-modern cars, these vehicles should be able to navigate autonomously through a specially equipped parking garage at the airport.

A person in the car or near the vehicle who could intervene in an emergency is no longer necessary. However, approval from the authorities is still required for the plans to be implemented in everyday life. When this could come is an open question.

Bosch and Daimler have been testing “Automated Valet Parking” in the parking garage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart for a number of years – a year ago, the two companies received approval from the authorities to continue these tests without people in or near the vehicle.

Similar tests have been running in the airport parking garage for a few weeks, according to both companies.


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