Assistant claimed: Einstein examines aliens for the US government

Princeton – Did Albert Einstein meet aliens? For decades there have been wild rumors about the alleged crash of a UFO and its crew in Roswell (US state New Mexico) in July 1947. Although dozens of witnesses reported the crash, the US Army claimed the object was a test balloon.

Now a new testimony is causing a stir among UFO believers.

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Was Albert Einstein in Rosswell?

Nobel laureate in physics Albert Einstein († 76, discoverer of the theory of relativity) is said to have been brought to the crash site by the US government as an expert and professor at Princeton University – accompanied by his assistant and later doctorate in physics and chemistry, Shirley Wright (85 †). In a 1993 interview, Wright told of a visit to a secret military base, the UFO wreck, and dead and living crew members.

Einstein’s assistant revealed secrets

The tape recordings of the interview were considered lost – until the US UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia was able to track them down and publish them now. In the conversation, which was apparently recorded in a café, Wright reported unbelievable things.

About the UFO: It was in the shape of a concave disk, made of a reflective material and was apparently damaged, the assistant claims. Some of the scientists present were allowed to enter it and examine the control systems, which could be “sunk into the ground”. Einstein was most interested in the drive and questions about the universe, Wright said.

Einstein’s assistant and later doctorate in physics and chemistry: Shirley Wright (85 †)Photo: Miami Herald

About the crew: The researchers were shown beings with large oval hairless heads and a size of about 1 meter 50. Most were killed in the crash, and a surviving alien communicated with the researchers by telephone. The beings were researchers from another galaxy – with peaceful intentions. “We quickly realized that they were far superior to us in development and science,” said Wright.

Truth or fiction?

Whether Shirley Wright was actually telling the truth – that is the big question! She answers the questions on the tape as if she had really experienced what she was describing. And mentioned that all records of the hangar visit had been deleted for security reasons.

And Einstein? Strange: While he was still openly commenting on the possibility of other inhabited planets in the Daily Mail in 1920, he refused to comment on the subject after the Roswell crash …


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