Asparagus: There are plenty of them at Easter

Angern (Saxony-Anhalt) – “Twelve hours of sun, then it’s gone!” Thomas Bamme (52) from Angern (Börde) promises plenty of asparagus at Easter: “It works.” The Spargelhof Bamme & Sohn GbR, which cultivates the precious vegetables on an area of ​​33 hectares, will start harvesting in a few days.

The asparagus fields near Angern are under a double layer of foil. “So we don’t necessarily need a lot of heat, just sun,” says Bamme, who has been growing the precious vegetable with his father Helmut (72) for 30 years.

The asparagus farm is more worried than the weather about recruiting harvest workers from Poland. “We need 40 of them to prick and sell the asparagus,” explains Bamme. “Getting her wasn’t easy this year.”

Thomas Bamme (52) has been in the asparagus business for 30 years

Photo: Peter Gercke

Recently, the Farmers’ Association of Saxony-Anhalt even feared that the asparagus harvest would be impaired due to the lack of seasonal workers. “But not with us,” emphasizes Bamme. “Our team is in place now.”

The Association of East German Asparagus and Berry Fruit Farmers expects asparagus prices to rise “moderately” this year, to between 12 and 14 euros per kilogram.

In view of the fertilizer prices, some of which have risen by 200 percent, the prices have to be adjusted, says the Spargelhof boss: “There must be something more in it.”

However, asparagus farmer Bamme does not yet dare to predict the quality of his asparagus: “We will only see that when he shoots.”


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