Artists from Ukraine and Russia stranded in Leipzig

LeipzigFlicklacs for Peace!

19 artists of the circus “Fireworks of Artistry”, which was a guest at the Old Fair until Sunday, come from the Ukraine. The war broke out when the shows started. Now they are stranded in Leipzig, fearing for their families, who are being bombed by Putin’s troops. Six Russians, whose compatriots invaded the Ukraine, play at their side.

All artists agree: This war does not make them enemies. Proceeds from the shows are now donated to war victims and refugees.

There is also a donation account: Denny Renz, IBAN DE68 8005 3572 1005 1952 65, reference: “Stars of Artistry”.

Another guest performance was organized at short notice: from March 31 in Dresden.

The acrobats from Ukraine

Lena (above) and Dana are in constant contact with their relatives

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Lena (17) comes from Vinnytsia: “It’s still quiet in my hometown, but the Russians could be there any day. My whole family is there and of course they don’t want to give up their home. I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Dana (23) from Lutsk: “I get messages from home about gunshots and bombings. This is very scary. The consolation here in the team helps for the psyche. Otherwise you go crazy.”

Sofia (23) is also one of the hand acrobats

Sofia is also one of the hand acrobats

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Sofia (23) from Lutsk: “We pray every day for our families and that one day we will be able to continue a normal life in our homeland. Now we have to stay here in Germany and try to bring relatives here.”

The Russian wheel gymnast

Konstantin (49) is enthusiastic about the wheel

Konstantin enthusiastic about the wheel

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Konstantin (49) from Kovrov: “We Russians and Ukrainians are a big team here. Nobody is a bad person. I myself also had a Ukrainian girlfriend.”

The Russian Clown

Oleg (50) shouldn't stop laughing as a clown

As a clown, Oleg shouldn’t stop laughing

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Oleg (50) from Moscow: “Together we bought warm things for the people who lost their homes. It doesn’t matter whether you come from Russia or the Ukraine.”

The dancers from Ukraine

The hometown of Lidiia (25) was one of the first to come under fire

Lidiia’s hometown was one of the first to come under fire

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Lidiia (25) from Dnipro: “You sit here and can’t do anything, I just want to help my family. My mum can’t go away because she’s looking after grandma at home.”

Maria (22) would have returned to Kyiv this week as well

Maria would have returned to Kyiv this week as well

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Maria (22) from Kyiv: “We hope that the audience will come and show solidarity so that we can support our families in Ukraine with the proceeds.”

The handstand acrobat from Russia

Oleg (56) comes from Russia's capital

Oleg comes from Russia’s capital

Photo: Susann Friedrich

Oleg (56) from Moscow: “I have family members in Ukraine and I don’t understand why this declaration of war came about at all.”


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