Artificial intelligence displays Belgian MPs spending their time on their smartphones

Bad news for deputies addicted to smartphones. It is no longer really possible to scroll discreetly on your phone during a meeting, at least if the meeting is filmed. Scroll? But yes, you know, it’s the index that quickly slides across the screen and scrolls through the contents. While they also know quite well, the Belgian deputies have just discovered that they could be spotted if they practiced this activity during public sessions, as we discover in the video below.

Launched on the live broadcast of debates, an artificial intelligence detects and identifies distracted MPs whose attention is no longer focused on what is said in the gallery but on what is happening on their phones. They are then immediately pinned down and questioned on social networks.

” VSher Jan Distracted ham, stay focused, please “, Thus alerts” The Flemmish Scrollers “, (” The Flemish Scrollers “, Editor’s note) on Twitter, in a message accompanied by images of the deputy well focused on … his phone.

This is not the first time, moreover, that the former Deputy Prime Minister has stood out in this way. In October 2019, he was caught red-handed playing a video game in the middle of a session. But, this time, an artificial intelligence unmasked him …

Alert to the dangers of AI

It is the Belgian artist Dries Depoorter who developed this software, with the desire to warn about the dangers of artificial intelligence and facial recognition. His artistic approach revolves around the themes of privacy, artificial intelligence, surveillance and social media.

The Flemish nationalist deputy Maaike De Vreese, one of the first victims of this artistic performance which began on July 5, explains that she received the message: “ It’s amazing what you can do with AI. This shows once again that we need to be aware of this She wrote on Twitter.

She claims to take her blacklist with a smile but can not help but justify herself: ” And yes, we get distracted sometimes. Who is not ? However, this audience was very interesting. Multitasking throughout life is what keeps you alert.

Will the artist’s project one day be applied to the sessions of the French Assembly? In February 2018, there was no need for software to locate a Christophe Castaner, then in charge of Relations with Parliament, more passionate about his phone than François Ruffin’s speech. The LFI deputy had accused the Secretary of State of preferring to play “Candy Crush” rather than listening to the speeches in the hemicycle.

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