Arson: who is the truck burner in Leipzig

Of: M. Klug

Leipzig – The crime scenes are all in Gohlis, the goal is always the same, the procedure is identical. For seven days, trucks and trucks parked at night have been set on fire in the northwest.

A stranger, possibly several perpetrators, inflames tires with fire accelerators and then flees into the darkness of the night.

The truck burner (s) has long been employing the state security responsible for extremist acts. But is it really a politically motivated series of attacks?

The most recent attack: On Wednesday night, a truck burned at the Olbricht barracks

Photo: Leipzig deployments

The state security is investigating that a political background cannot be ruled out, according to a police spokeswoman. The most important indicator: “One of the trucks was in the immediate vicinity of a construction site of a Bautzen entrepreneur who was already the target of attacks.”

But the police have doubts that left-wing extremists could actually be behind the truck arson attacks. An investigator on BILD: “The usual side effects such as letters of confession are missing.”

Teaser picture

The 4th attack: Last Friday, the driver’s cab of this Iveco went up in flames on Bleichertstrasse

Photo: © Freiwillige Feuerwehr Wiederi

In the attack on Bundeswehr vehicles on New Year’s Eve, for example, a pamphlet immediately appeared in which the apparently left-wing extremist perpetrators were talking about their crude reasons. Likewise in the case of an attack on a company car that occurred parallel to the most recent truck fires.

The investigator to BILD: “In this case we are probably dealing with a fire devil.”

As long as the fire phantom continues its mischief, a possible motive for the crime is still completely unclear. Witness information on all cases to the police: Tel. 0341 / 9664-6666

Map: Truck fires in the north of Leipzig - infographic


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