Arrogant man claims to eat Ronaldo and Messi: Crazy man is proud of making money

Monday, September 27, 2021 00:08 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) It’s a close place, but when faced with difficulties, McGregor pulled Ronaldo out to act as a “front”.

“UFC madman” Conor McGregor and football player playing for Man Utd, Cristiano Ronaldo is a friendly place. They have met many times, shared how to exercise, develop muscles and they also often communicate with each other through social networks.

McGregor and Ronaldo are intimate places, often meet

Earlier this week, McGregor had a “cheap version” of his friendship with Ronaldo when he claimed he made more money than his Portuguese friend.

Ireland’s “Crazy Man” action erupted after he was mocked by the audience for making a bad baseball pitch. Invited to be the “opener” to throw the first ball in the baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and Chicago Cubs, the 33-year-old puncher accidentally put the ball straight into the stands.

The clip about McGregor then appeared flooded on social networks, and of course the heroic puncher had to receive a “storm” of mockery from the audience. The described “throwaway” shot from McGregor is compared to the one that rapper 50 Cent has performed.

McGregor then spoke with pride: “My throw was accurate, the strongest shot compared to any other athlete or artist. Nothing compares.”

Arrogant people declare "eat off"  Ronaldo, Messi: "Crazy guy"  proud of making money - 3

Ronaldo was suddenly brought out by his “brother” McGregor to talk about making money

Not convincing enough, McGregor brought Ronaldo and the best money-making story in 2021 as voted by Forbes as a “front”.

“Let’s see who leads the list of Forbes’s best-paid athletes in 2021. Overcoming Messi, Ronaldo and Federer are also “smoke”. The amount of money has doubled, I am the most powerful man. “, McGregor suddenly mentioned Ronaldo and Messi to “cure embarrassment” for his super bad baseball pitch.


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