Arrest: Berliner radioed planes, gave dangerous instructions

Berlin – A man from Köpenick is said to have given realistic instructions to pilots of airplanes and helicopters via radio and thus endangered air traffic. The flight instructions are said to have seemed “more and more professional” over the past six months, the police said on Friday. You could have triggered “dangerous flight maneuvers”.

The police caught the 32-year-old man in the act on Friday night in Lindenstrasse in Berlin-Köpenick and arrested him. The distance from there to Berlin Airport is a little more than ten kilometers.

The man is said to have made multiple radio contact with passenger and transport aircraft as well as the joint helicopter of the federal police and the Berlin police.

The Federal Police deployed flight service and technical intelligence specialists to investigate the offenses, and the Federal Network Agency provided support.

Two radios with the appropriate frequencies were found on the man. The devices were confiscated as evidence. The police tweeted the message with the note: “For everyone who recently asked us about our police helicopter operations in Köpenick. An arrest that is not an everyday occurrence. “

The investigation is based on the urgent suspicion of multiple dangerous interference in rail, ship and air traffic.


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