Are the Gafa people going to break the bank?

Welcome to 2049

This article is taken from the special issue of “The Obs” “Welcome to 2049”, on sale at newsstands and which you can also order online here.

“With our background in hardware, software and services, we believe Apple is in a unique position to change the entire credit card experience fifty years from now. ” Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, valued at more than $ 2 trillion on the stock market, smiled voraciously when he unveiled his first bank card two years ago. Recognizable by its titanium design, this Apple Card was first launched in the United States, in partnership with Goldman Sachs bank, attracting 3.1 million Americans. Since then, it has progressed and should, in the long term, be available everywhere … even in France, where the CEO of Apple says he seeks to partner with “A particularly agile retail bank”.

For its part, Google has partnered with Citigroup bank to offer bank accounts, while Facebook unifies its system to transfer money between Messenger and Instagram users, and Amazon is working on technology that will allow to pay with the palm of your hand in your supermarkets. So many innovations that are added to all the payment services – often referred to by the word “Pay” – already launched by Gafa (the acronym for the aforementioned companies) as well as by the Chinese giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent ( WeChat). So many in

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