Apple’s new iPad Pro may be equipped with the feature of wireless charging, as well as the company is working on the new design of iPad mini

Apple company is working on a new model of iPad Pro with the feature of wireless charging. Along with this, for the first time in the last six years, the company is also working on changes in the design of the iPad mini. During the Corona epidemic, there was an increase in the sales of iPad mini and the company wants to maintain it even further. This is the reason why she is once again working on its design. Apple can launch its new iPad Pro in the market next year, while iPad mini with a new design can be launched this year.

Apple is testing MagSafe charging technology for its new iPad Pro. It is a wireless charging system which is based on a magnetic environment. The company introduced this technology with the iPhone 12 last year. According to the report, Apple may also include reverse wireless charging in this new iPad Pro, which will allow the iPad to act as a wireless charging point on its own.


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