Apple technicians leaked nude photos of student – million dollar compensation!

This serious incident cost Apple millions!

The tech giant pays a student (21) several million dollars in compensation after two technicians hired by Apple posted nude pictures of her on the Internet.

The British newspaper reports “The Telegraph”. The young Californian had sent her iPhone to Apple for repair in 2016 because of a technical error.

The group in turn sent the cell phone to a workshop of the Apple service provider Pegatron. There, two technicians involved in the repair came across the nude photos of the woman – and posted ten photos on the affected person’s Facebook account.

Also published a sex video

According to the report, this also included a video that was supposed to show her having sex. The men made the Facebook posts look like the woman published them herself. Apparently her account was stored in the social network on her cell phone.

It’s one of the worst privacy violations ever exposed in an Apple repair shop!

Today’s student only became aware of the intimate posts through friends, and was then able to delete them.

Apple insisted on confidentiality

The Telegraph did not specify the exact level of the comparison. But the fact is: the woman’s lawyers had previously demanded 5 million dollars (approx. 4.1 million euros) in compensation in negotiations.

Defense attorneys had threatened to sue Apple for invading privacy and causing emotional distress – and warned of the “negative media public” that would come with a lawsuit.

The settlement that eventually averted the lawsuit contains a confidentiality clause, according to the report, prohibiting attorneys from discussing the case or revealing the amount of the payout.

According to the report, Apple had argued that disclosing details of the settlement could do “irreparable harm” to the company and cause “significant business damage”.

Nevertheless, the company confirmed that the incident occurred.

An Apple spokesperson: “We take the privacy and security of our customers’ data very seriously and we have a number of protocols that ensure that data is protected throughout the repair process. When we found out about this egregious violation of our guidelines at one of our suppliers in 2016, we immediately took action and have since strengthened our supplier protocols. “


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