Apple released new update iOS 14.5 for iphone users, now phone will unlock without removing mask

Apple is good news for iphone users. The company has rolled out iOS 14.5 beat version for the users. The special thing in this new update is that users can now unlock face even by applying mask, that is, you will not need to remove mask for face unlock. Without this, the lock of the phone will open.

Phone will unlock without removing mask
According to a report, Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update features Face Unlock without removing the mask. Keeping in mind the corona virus epidemic, this special feature has been rolled out. In addition, the company has also released 5G support in it. But no official announcement has been made by the company regarding this.

Apple Watch users will only be able to use
According to the report, this masked feature is only for those users who use Apple Watch. Meaning that after unlocking Apple Watch, users have to look at the iPhone only by applying a mask after which your phone will be unlocked.

Will work like this
According to this feature, as soon as the iphone is unlocked, there will be a haptic vibration on your smartwatch, which will indicate that the authentication has been verified. Keep in mind that this feature will not be activated with the iOS 14.5 update, for this users will have to activate this feature manually.

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