Apple iPhone: Steve Jobs wanted such an iPhone, know what would be the specialty

Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs wanted the original iPhone not to have a SIM card tray because he wanted it to be a comfortable device. In a recent interview at the Computer History Museum special event, former iPod VP Tony Fadell, also known as the “Father of the iPod”, revealed that Jobs was against the idea of ​​the iPhone’s SIM card slot. Jobs wanted to skip the card slot because of his device preferences.

“We don’t want another hole in it,” according to Fadell, Jobs told the engineers and designers who were working on the iPhone. He further revealed that Jobs wanted the phone to have a CDMA network instead of GSM in order to eliminate the card slot. For those in the know, devices that support CDMA do not require a SIM card as they are directly connected to the service provider’s network.

fadel original iPod And iPhone Being one of the most influential members of the design teams, Apple reassured the co-founders that using CDMA instead of GSM would not work due to small adaptations. Fadell revealed that he used market data to prove his point.

If reports are to be believed, we may see the first iPhone without a SIM card slot next year. Apple is reportedly planning to step-by-step removal of the SIM card tray from its smartphones starting with the Apple iPhone 15 series. According to several reports, the tech giant has advised major carriers to prepare for the launch of eSIM-only iPhones.

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