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After many years of use, the family bathroom is downgraded, we plan to refurbish it to make it more convenient for mom to use.

Due to the deterioration of the bathroom, so much so, my family did not pay attention to replace the new equipment. The bathroom was damp, lack of light, the floor was slippery for children to fall easily. On the occasion of the repair of the apartment building, my mother was very happy, my mother said to Hai: “If the State allows for waterproofing, you can see if you can repair the bathroom, paint and fix something clean, especially new replacement. the toilet, I kept biting it broke. “

The bathroom ceiling was damp.

Hai I laughed and promised to see. My mother reminded me two or three times already. She herself also knows that repairing the bathroom costs a lot of labor, materials and equipment while her family economy is very limited. I myself have just had my own family, at the weekend I stopped by the house, my mother and my daughter sat and talked, my mother told me that it was fun to stop the bathroom, and I still can use it. I found out, the last dream to go home to bathe was not me, but changed over to my mother.

Modern bathroom of the family.

Modern bathroom of the family.

Maybe because Mom stays home all the time and still does the laundry for the kids, so I mostly use the bathroom. The children only came back from work until dusk, so they did not know how to care about their mother’s needs. “Dream bathroom” – besides carrying the message about the importance of a third space, it also helps me think about my family more.

Vu Ngoc Thao

Desiring to improve the quality of life, equipping knowledge to renovate “the third space” for the home, online newspaper VnExpress accompanying INAX – bathroom equipment brand of LIXIL Japan, organized the column “Bathroom of dreams”. Joining the program, you have the opportunity to get a free bathroom remodel, totaling up to 100 million VND including construction, disassembly, design, equipment … The program takes place from the 15th. / 6 to 30/11. Each month, based on the criteria of authenticity, meaning, emotion, necessity … the organizers will choose a family to renovate the bathroom.

The program starts to receive the readers’ shares here, from June 15 to October 31.


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