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The new single from Antonia of Cuba “A Piece of Heaven” is a gorgeous declaration of love to her daughter. In this song about the unconditional love between mother and daughter, the thoroughbred artist also shows herself as a thoroughbred mom.

The love for my daughter makes me strong, being a mother is the greatest happiness in the world, I would like to thank her for that with this song,” says Antonia Kubas.

“A Piece of Heaven” is a song guaranteed to give you goose bumps, emotional and authentic, with which the artist presents another piece of her acoustic-guitar-emphasized Schlager-Singer-Songwriter Pop and consistently continues the style of her debut single “Baby, Liebe und Musik”. .

Bid for a ukulele signed by ANTONIA KUBASPhoto: PR

For the start of the new single by ANTONIA KUBAS we have now, as part of the eBay charity auction in favor of “A heart for children” a great offer for you. Bid for a Fender Ukulele signed by Antonia Kubas and featured in her music video for A Piece of Heaven.

Don’t miss this special opportunity on eBay and get the special fan souvenir from ANTONIA KUBAS.

Here’s the auction:

About Antonia Kubas

Antonia Kubas relies on feelings. Already with her debut single “Baby, Liebe & Musik”, a hopeful anthem for the time after the pandemic, she hit the right note for the moment. “A Piece of Heaven” is a song that touches the heart musically and lyrically with its emotionality and honesty.

“A piece of heaven” – the new single by ANTONIA KUBASPhoto: PR

She usually writes her songs herself or in a team with well-known songwriters, and she personally takes care of the production and marketing of her music and videos. She gained her stage experience in numerous performances as a solo artist or in various bands, as well as a background singer on tours with Matthias Reim.

An unmistakable voice and a style of its own: German pop with poetic lyrics – emotional and approachable. Antonia Kubas shows how modern pop hits will sound in 2022.

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