Anti-Semitism: Policewoman wrote love letters to the Halle assassin

Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) – A policewoman from Saxony-Anhalt has been on leave because she was looking for the proximity of the imprisoned synagogue assassin in Halle, Stephan Balliet (29).

This is reported by the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung”. Accordingly, the security authorities are alarmed: The policewoman is said to have expressed romantic feelings towards the killer neo-Nazi in a letter.

In addition, the early twenties should have revealed a tendency to right-wing extremist conspiracy theories. An internal investigation is underway against the policewoman from the Dessau-Roßlau police station: It should clarify the extent to which the woman has violated civil servant law.

The State Ministry of the Interior in Magdeburg did not comment on the case on Monday at the newspaper’s request.

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The policewoman is said to have contacted the 29-year-old right-wing extremist herself. Security experts see the beginnings of a rare sexual inclination in the case: the “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome”, referred to in medicine as hybristophilia.

Affected people feel drawn to criminals, especially violent criminals and murderers.

Explosive: The policewoman is said to have suggested in a letter to the assassin that she believed in a Jewish monopoly of power. The internal review should now clarify whether and to what extent the policewoman shares right-wing extremist views. The fact that the case came to light is said to be based on internal information from attentive colleagues. According to the “Mitteldeutscher Zeitung”, Stephan B. also received mail from right-wing extremists known to the police while in custody.

Stephan Balliet carried out one of the worst right-wing extremist attacks in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany two years ago. On October 9, 2019, he tried to storm the synagogue in Halle and shoot praying Jews.

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The neo-Nazi from Mansfeld-Südharz chose the highest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur, for his act. Around 50 believers were in the church during the attack. The attack failed because the synagogue door was secured and the self-made weapons that the killer neo-Nazi had constructed for the murders were jammed.

As a result of the failed attack, Balliet shot two people in the city. In the dock, the neo-Nazi had admitted his hatred of Jews – he wanted to motivate other extremists to attack.

The Naumburg Higher Regional Court sentenced Balliet to life imprisonment and preventive detention at the end of 2020. A reviewer diagnosed him with a personality disorder.


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