Anti-Semitic demo in Berlin: open hatred of Jews on Germany’s streets again

Berlin – Aggressive anti-Semitic agitation against people of the Jewish faith – and that in the middle of Germany.

Around 600 people marched through Kreuzberg and Neukölln on Saturday with Palestinian flags, openly denying Israel’s right to exist. Aggressively they roared “child killer Israel” and attacked journalists!

A BILD reporter was surrounded by around a hundred people, insulted in an anti-Semitic manner as a “dirty Jew” and kicked. The Berlin police had to protect him and escort him out of the demonstration.

The demo, officially registered as “Pro Palestine”, quickly turned into anti-Semitism and outright hatred of the Israeli statePhoto: Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

The martial propaganda of the Palestinian terror group Hamas was spread at the demonstrations. Israel is pursuing “genocial annihilation” in the Gaza Strip. They falsely declared the current riots by the Palestinians on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be Israeli aggression.

In fact, Israel is conducting airstrikes against military targets in the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas’ rocket terror.

The police announced on Sunday morning that there were crimes and arrests during the demonstration. The police have not yet given any details about the offences.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faser (SPD) emphasized on Sunday morning that there was no place for anti-Semitism in Germany. The rule of law must act consistently. “We must never get used to anti-Semitic abuse – no matter where and from whom it comes.”

► Elio Adler, chairman of the “Values ​​Initiative – Jewish-German Positions”, condemns the riots: “We saw and experienced violence. Not only expressed in words, but also physical violence against journalists and counter-demonstrators,” he says to BILD.

He goes on to say: “You didn’t see any opinions worth protecting at these demos, but pure anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel.” The police are called upon to put a preventive and effectively repressive end to such acts. “Why do we, the hostile, always have to oppose these conditions? Where is the civil society saying ‘stop’ here loud and clear?”

As reported by the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism eV, a total of 3 journalists and observers were attacked in Berlin with kicks, punches, grabs on the upper arm and kicks at the camera. Two journalists were harassed in the presence of the police.

Hatred of Jews also in Hanover

Riots also broke out at an anti-Semitic hate demonstration in Hanover.

Apparently, a group of people had gathered in the city center at noon and chanted hate slogans against Israel.

As seen in a Twitter video, counter-protesters who opposed the increasingly aggressive gathering were attacked and verbally abused.

Jew and Israel hatred in the middle of Germany: demonstrations of shame.

Philipp Blanke from the German Association of Journalists: “Reporting on demonstrations is becoming more and more dangerous for journalists. The fact that reporters in Germany now have to do their work under police protection is a threat to democracy. Politicians and authorities must guarantee freedom of the press. Reporters are not fair game.”


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