Angelina Jolie: Hollywood star spotted in Ukraine

Prominent surprise in a country of war!

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie (46) is on Saturday morning in the Ukraine been sighted. A video shows her in a café in Lemberg, western Ukraine.

The actress appeared with a male companion in nondescript attire, sporting baggy gray pants and a comfortable sweater. Despite this, she immediately attracted everyone’s attention in the branch of the “Lviv Croissants” chain of cafes. Jolie smiled, signed an autograph, waved to some guests.

Radiant and relaxed: Hollywood star Angelina JoliePhoto: Anton Gerashchenko

The reason for the star’s visit to Ukraine is still unclear. But the fact is: Jolie gave the café visitors a moment of joy in the bitter wartime.

The journalist Maja Pidhorodezka shared the clip on Facebook and casually wrote: “Nothing special. Simply Lviv. I just wanted to have a coffee. Just Angelina Jolie.”

The journalist added: “Ukraine is simply supported by the whole world.”

Another short video later showed Jolie at a train station talking to Ukrainian refugees. Lviv is about 80 kilometers from the Polish border – and has become a haven for Ukrainians during the war. However, that did not stop Russia from attacking the city.

Karte/Map Ukraine–Facts and Figures |  infographic

Jolie has been traveling around the world for the United Nations (UN) for more than 20 years. In her capacity as ambassador for the UN refugee agency, she traveled to trouble spots in the Middle East and Africa. She was only in Yemen in March.

Jolie had already condemned the war on the day of the large-scale attack by Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin (69) on Ukraine. She wrote on Instagram on February 24: “Like many of you, I pray for the people of Ukraine.”

She promised: “Together with my colleagues, I am committed to ensuring that everything is done to ensure the protection and basic human rights of displaced people and refugees in the region.”

In the past few days, UN chief António Guterres (73) had also visited Ukraine and met President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (44).


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