André Chassaigne denounces the government’s “coup de force” on the disabled adult allowance

André Chassaigne, communist, patron of the deputies of the Democratic and Republican Left in the Assembly, got angry, denouncing “A coup” of the government. The sensitive subject of the calculation of the disabled adult allowance (AAH) for couples has put the entire hemicycle under very high tension, the majority dividing and the government having recourse to the blocked vote. “Every time it was done, it turned against those who used this weapon”, launched André Chassaigne, as seen in the video below.

Supported by oppositions on the right and on the left as well as by the Agir ensemble group, an ally of the majority, the AAH individualization measure, without taking into account the spouse’s income, could not be adopted. Via the blocked vote, the government chose the text and did not allow its amendments to be put to a vote.

Disabled adult’s allowance: “To continue to receive it, I was advised to divorce”

At the heart of the bill on “Various measures of social justice” debated at second reading in the context of a “Niche” of the communist group, this “Deconjugalization” should make it possible not to penalize certain beneficiaries.

But the government and the LREM and MoDem groups opposed it and passed a measure they believe “More redistributive” : a flat-rate allowance of 5,000 euros on the spouse’s income. More than 60% of the 150,000 couples whose beneficiary of the AAH is inactive must thus keep their AAH at 903 euros, instead of 45% of couples today.

After this blocked vote on this key article, the deputies of the right as of the left left the hemicycle, and it is without their votes that the bill was validated. She must now return to the Senate.

The majority “Walking on the debris of democracy”, thundered André Chassaigne again in the hemicycle. “It is a very serious attack on parliamentary democracy and I am ashamed of you”, he told the Secretary of State for the Disabled, Sophie Cluzel. François Ruffin (LFI) then launched an appeal, in the corridors of the Palais Bourbon:

“They force the disabled to choose between the purse and the heart. They walk on democracy. Now we have to sanction them at the ballot box [dimanche au premier tour des élections régionales et départementales]. “

Looking serious, Sophie Cluzel for her part assured in front of several moved and angry deputies: “I am totally respectful of everyone. “

Previously, these parliamentarians protested against the prior recourse to the reservation of votes on several amendments, which allows the postponement of votes. “You are ruining everything”, notably launched Marc Le Fur (LR).

Created in 1975, the AAH is intended to compensate for the inability to work. It is paid on medical and social criteria. Today it has more than 1.2 million beneficiaries, 270,000 of whom are couples, for an annual expenditure of around 11 billion euros.

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