Anders Breivik killed 77 people: 10 years of Utøya – and it still hurts so much!

Oslo – It is shortly after 12 on Thursday when life in Norway’s capital Oslo stands still for five minutes.

The church bells ring, the trams stop, the people are silent, embrace each other and have tears in their eyes.

On July 22, 2011, exactly ten years ago, the right-wing killer Anders Breivik (42) killed a total of 77 people. The act shakes Norway to this day, yesterday the country commemorated its dead. Princess Mette-Marit (47) also came together with Crown Prince Haakon (48). She lost her stepbrother, the policeman Trond Berntsen (51), on Utøya.

Head of the survivors’ self-help group: Miriam Einangshaug (26) (left) and Lisbeth Røyneland (63)Photo: BILD

Mourned: Queen Sonja (84) of Norway

Mourned: Queen Sonja (84) of NorwayPhoto: EPA

One of the speakers at the memorial event yesterday was Lisbeth Royneland, 64. Anders Breivik took what she loved most. Cold as ice, he shot her daughter Synne (18) three times in the head.

The exclusive documentary “The horror of Utøya”

See the exclusive documentary “The horror of Utøya” in the player above on In it, the BILD reporters reconstruct the mass murder of Breivik. In addition, the dramatic protocol of the “Delta” unit, which Breivik stopped. And: Asbjorn Rachlev (46) interrogated the murderer for 220 hours. He reports on the perpetrator’s disturbing thoughts.

BILD met Synne’s mother beforehand. She told of a fun-loving young girl who spent the holidays at the summer camp of a social democratic youth organization on the island of Utøya.

When Anders Breivik set off a bomb in the government district of Oslo, Lisbeth Royneland thought her daughter was still safe. In the BILD interview she says: I called Synne on Utøya. She was just in the cafeteria. I was reassured that she was fine. “

Murdered 77 people: Anders Breivik (42)

Murdered 77 people: Anders Breivik (42)Photo: dpa

At that moment, however, the assassin, heavily armed and disguised as a policeman, enters a ferry that takes him to Utøya. There he begins his rampage, his second victim becomes Mette-Marit’s stepbrother.

Miriam Einangshaug (now 26) was also in Synne’s camp. Together with her mother Lisbeth, she still looks after survivors and relatives of victims. In BILD, Miriam recalls: “When we heard the gunshots, we ran with 40 to 50 people towards the island school. There we barricaded the windows and doors with mattresses. ”Then the killer comes closer.

Miriam: “We suddenly heard steps in front of the door. Then he shot into the room. A bullet struck just a sea away from me. Then it was quiet. I texted my parents and said that I love them. “

Was shot by Breivik: Synne Røyneland († 18)

Was shot by Breivik: Synne Røyneland († 18)Photo: Olaf Wagner

Just a few moments later, an elite unit arrives at Breivik. The killing is over.

Too late to save Lisbeth’s daughter Synne. Her mother says, “I tried to contact you. Over and over again. ”In vain. The parents race to Utøya by car. There the police put up lists with the names of the survivors. Mother Lisbeth: “We read the lists from top to bottom – again and again, up and down. But Synne’s name wasn’t on it. “After three days it is certain: Synne is dead.

BILD reporter Peter Hell and Annika Raasch in front of Utøya

BILD reporter Peter Hell and Annika Raasch in front of UtøyaPhoto: BILD

Lisbeth: “As a mother, I have a lot of dark days. I miss my daughter so much. I always think about who she would be today. “

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