Anchovy fish sauce – delicious Vietnamese cuisine

Salty anchovy fish sauce, when tasting, you will feel the rich taste on the tip of the tongue, but the sweet end helps many delicious dishes in tune.

The attraction of anchovy fish sauce

There are hundreds of thousands of delicious things out there, but the best is still a warm tray of rice with the family, with a cup of fish sauce as rich as the love of loved ones is expected.

Like pho, fish sauce has been famous in international culinary circles. Many art critics recognize fish sauce as a delicious dish with a rich, irresistible taste. Just a simple, rustic spice that becomes famous around the world is enough to show how attractive the fish sauce is.

Fish sauce is usually made from small sea fish that are exploited such as scad, tuna, sardines, anchovies, and fish … Anchovy will produce one of the lines of high protein and delicious fish sauce. Best.

The delicious fish sauce produced from Phu Quoc anchovies is still not confused with other fish sauce products. It is the anchovy material that contributes to the unique flavor of Phu Quoc fish sauce, making this brand famous not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

Fish sauce with garlic and chili anchovies preserves the traditional flavor, for many more delicious dishes. Image: Barona.

Gu enjoys the fish sauce of many families

Fish sauce on the market is increasingly diverse from traditional fish sauce unprocessed to processed fish sauce. According to consumer reviews, the traditional fish sauce retains its delicious taste and high protein, but the taste is quite salty and has a strong smell. Fish sauce prepared is less salty but lacks the characteristic taste and richness of natural fish protein.

How to keep the quality of the old fish sauce, when tasting, still feel the rich taste of the fish sauce on the tip of the tongue, but the sweet taste is gradually soft and easy to eat? This is considered a challenge for the fish sauce industry to satisfy the needs of today’s users.

Research the fish sauce that suits the user’s taste

Understand consumer needs for standards of a delicious and appetizing fish sauce. Nam Phuong Food’s Barona brand has started to research the product line of Huong Xua anchovy fish sauce – the taste of sea fish, the old taste, to meet the tastes of many users today.

To create the Huong Xua anchovy sauce line, the fish sauce maker has to go through many stages and requires a lot of experience in processing to taste the right taste of the person combined with pasteurization treatment. use the fish sauce line that is true to the taste, gentle and hygienic.

According to the brand representative, after more than 2 years of researching and launching, Huong Xua anchovy sauce is popular with many users by retaining the richness of the old fish sauce but the delicious aftertaste. Huong Xua anchovy fish sauce carries the spirit of modern cuisine but still preserves the essence of the old fish sauce.


Huong Xua anchovy fish sauce preserves its rich taste like traditional handmade fish sauce. Image: Barona.

For the dipping dish, you just need to add fish sauce to the cup and cut a little chili is enough to consume rice without adding any other spices. Variations with the warehouse dishes will result in a dish with a strong flavor. Family can make many delicious dishes with Huong Xua and catch rice on Youtube channel: Barona cooks very easily.

When Tet is coming very close, giving each other a pair of delicious fish sauce will be a practical gift, meant to give Tet a full of friendship to family and relatives, friends and colleagues.

Huong Xua spring box is now available with a price of only 74,000 VND, a box of 2 750 ml bottles. With an affordable cost, you have a meaningful and useful gift.


Tet gift box with anchovy fish sauce from Huong Xua. Image: Barona.

Ngoc An

Huong Xua anchovy fish sauce is available at markets nationwide or you can order online at Barona Shop on e-commerce sites: Shopee, Tiki, Sendo, Lazada. See more here or call 1900 55 88 56 to order today.


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